Heuristic Play

Have you ever noticed your child be more interested in "boring", everyday objects as opposed to generic baby toys? Did you know that it's actually super beneficial for them to explore these real world objects?

Heuristic play is any activity where a child plays with real world objects that are commonly found within the home or in everyday life. The idea behind heuristic play is to facilitate child-led exploration of items that can be used in several different ways, the only limiting factor is the child's imagination and interpretation of the object. For example; if you gave your child a ladle from the kitchen, it could be used as a microphone, a wand, a pirate's peg leg, a shoe or a sword! 

The benefits of engaging in heuristic play include;

  • stimulates imaginative thinking
  • supports creativity
  • nurtures brain development
  • promotes development of fine and gross motor skills
  • encourages independence

Not sure how to get started with heuristic play? Our Sensory Expert & Sensory Spectacular have been crafted thoughtfully with heuristic play and sensory play in mind, providing your child with the resources to learn through play. We recommend this kit for any children 8 months and above.

Thank you for reading this blog post and I hope that you've found this information useful.

Georgina Clarke

Owner of Cheeky Monkey Sensory Kits

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