High Contrast Baby Sensory Play

Wondering how to engage in sensory play with your newborn baby? High contrast items are your answer!

Why? Because when a baby is born, they are only able to see black, white and some shades of grey! This explains why our babies are able to concentrate on black and white objects much better compared to colourful ones. Through repetitive exposure to high contrast items, we are training our baby's eye muscles in preparation for seeing the world in colour!

This is why our sensory kits for the introductory age of 0-4 months old are filled with beautiful high contrast items! For example, our Introduction to Sensory kit, pictured below, includes a high contrast sensory bag, black and white ribbon holder, five high contrast cards, a lovely sensory scarf and a comprehensive guide explaining five engaging ways to interact with your baby using these items.

Introduction to Sensory

Want to see some ways these items can be used?
Baby Sensory Play - Tickle time with black and white ribbon holder
Tickle time! Use your black and white ribbon holder to give your baby lots of lovely tickles. A great way to engage their senses and bond with your baby. You can also talk to your baby about their body parts as you tickle, building the foundations for early language development! 
Baby Sensory Play- Tummy time bag
Tummy time! Put your baby on their tummy and place the sensory bag about 30 centimetres away from their face. Observe to see if your baby begins to lift their head to look at the bag. Gently press on the bag to show your baby how the contents move around, they might just observe you or want to do it themselves.
Baby Sensory Play- High contrast play gym
 High contrast display on a play gym. Using a bare baby gym, create an immersive visual sensory experience for your baby. You can attach the black and white ribbon holder and also stick your high contrast cards onto the baby gym. Lay your baby underneath the gym and allow them to focus and concentrate on the objects. They may even reach, bat or grasp them.
Baby Sensory Play - Singing games
Singing games. Use your sensory scarf to engage in some fun singing games with your baby. A great one is "Round and Round the Garden", tickle their foot as you go around and then tickle all the way up to their neck.
Baby Sensory Play- High Contrast Cards
High contrast wall. Stick your high contrast cards onto the wall and place your baby on their tummy, about 30 centimetres away. Watch as they lift their head to focus in on the high contrast card. If your baby reaches and grabs the card, next time place them a little bit further away to encourage them to shuffle towards the wall.

If you'd like to learn more about the sensory products we sell targeted at the 0-4 month age bracket, please follow this link; https://www.cheekymonkeysensory.com.au/collections/0-4-months

Please reach out if you have any queries or feedback, I'd love to hear from you.


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