Seeing the World In Colour

Did you know that at birth, babies can only concentrate on black, white and some shades of grey?

This is why babies love to concentrate on high contrast patterns because they really stand out in an otherwise blurry world. It's usually around the 3-4 month mark when their eyesight is developed enough to start seeing colour. It is thought that babies have good colour vision by about 5 months old.


This is the science behind our sensory kits targeted at the 4-8 month old introductory age!


Through sensory play with these colourful objects, you will be aiding your child's physical and cognitive development. Some skills they will be working on through play will be; building their eye muscles, developing curiosity, promoting gross motor skills (lifting head up, turning to look at the toy, rolling, shuffling, crawling, sitting up, walking), building nerve connections in their brain through stimulation of the senses, encouraging babbling, improving concentration and so much more!


Here are some examples of how you can use the resources within our sensory kits to provide beautiful, vibrant sensory experiences for your little one. 


You can find our sensory kits targeted at the 4-8 month old introductory age here.


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Georgina Clarke

Owner of Cheeky Monkey Sensory Kits

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