Sensory Bags

Sensory bags offer a safe and engaging way to immerse your baby/toddler in sensory play!


Sensory bags are the perfect resource to put down in front of your baby during tummy time to help them lift their head, turn from side to side, push up from their elbows and prolong the amount of time spent on their tummy. Because the sensory bags are so interesting, this will actually strengthen your baby's eyesight and visual tracking skills. Sensory bags can also be used as a motivator to encourage your baby to roll, shuffle and crawl! As your baby pushes and squeezes the sensory bag, this builds their fine motor strength and control setting them up for future success with tasks like feeding themselves, dressing themselves, drawing and writing!


For toddlers, these sensory bags can be used as a tool to help your child navigate through hard feelings. Their calming and soothing effect can help settle your child when they begin to experience meltdowns and tantrums. They are also the perfect tool to work on colour recognition, counting and so much more!

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