Taste-Safe Sensory Play

Sensory play is so vital in the first year of life as your baby begins to experience new awareness through sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing. Taste-Safe sensory bases allow your baby to explore freely without the fear of ingesting something dangerous. Sensory play helps build the nerve connections in your baby's brain in addition to setting up strong foundations for their development.


This is why I've created a Comprehensive Guide to Taste-Safe Sensory Play that gives you 10 taste-safe sensory base recipes with 5 set up ideas per sensory base. That's 50 taste-sensory play ideas in total! The guide also covers my top 10 tips to successfully execute messy play in a prepared environment. All of this for only $10, available via my website; www.cheekymonkeysensory.com.au


Taste-safe sensory mudTaste-safe sensory paintTaste-safe sensory foamTaste-safe sensory sandTaste-safe sensory oobleckTaste-safe PlaydoughTaste-safe SlimeTaste-safe sensory play

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