Rainbow Sensory Rice

Rainbow Sensory Rice

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Our Rainbow Sensory Rice is the perfect sensory base for a various range of sensory tray set ups! 

In conjunction with stimulating the tactile sense, sensory rice is perfect for building fine motor strength and control. Children can scoop the rice with their hands, pick up individual grains, scoop with a spoon or pour into a funnel or cup! Rainbow Sensory Rice also helps build comprehension around colour recognition and develop early numeracy skills as it presents opportunity to colour sort and count. 

Pour the sensory base into a tray and then add scoops, tongs, funnels, cups, animal figurines, pom poms, flashcards, puzzle pieces or loose parts. The set up opportunities are endless!


Processing time: There is currently a 1-3 day processing time between time of order and time of dispatch.



Your child's safety is our first priority.

It is extremely important that your child is under constant supervision whilst playing with our products. In the unlikely event that one of our products become damaged, please discard of it immediately.

Please ensure your child does not mouth the sensory bases as they can pose a potential choking hazard. It is strongly recommend that these products are not used by children under three years old.

If you have any queries with regards to the above, feel free to get in contact at anytime via our contact methods.