Christmas Dancing Ribbons

Christmas Dancing Ribbons

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Christmas Dancing Ribbons provide lots of opportunity for your child to celebrate Christmas in a fun way! 

For babies, here are some play ideas;
- run the silky ribbon over your baby's body
- play tickle games like "round and round the garden"
- hang from your baby’s play gym to encourage your baby to bat, reach and grab
- use as a visual tracker to strengthen your baby's eyes

For toddlers, they can;
- sway them from side to side as they dance
- trace shapes in the air
- learn their colour names



Your child's safety is our first priority.

It is extremely important that your child is under constant supervision whilst playing with our products. In the unlikely event that one of our products become damaged, please discard of it immediately.

If you have any queries with regards to the above, feel free to get in contact at anytime via our contact methods.