Little Palaeontologist

Little Palaeontologist

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Hours upon hours of sensory fun for your pre-schooler!! Does your child love dinosaurs and fossils? If so, this is the sensory kit for them!

This all-inclusive dinosaur sensory kit provides your child with plenty of opportunity to learn through play. Using the resources within this kit, your child can dig through the dirt, uncover and investigate the fossil stones, develop their language skills, role play with the dinosaurs, create their own dinosaur setting and so much more! The only limit is their imagination!



  • 4 x fossil dinosaur figurines
  • 3 x fossil stones
  • the 5 sensory bases (3 x types of beans, rice & lentils)
  • shovel
  • fossil excavation tools
  • collection of rocks, grass, lily centres, clubmoss, wood chips and pot pourri

*Please note: most of our products are individually crafted so each kit will be slightly different from the next. All kits will differ slightly from the one photographed above.*



Your child's safety is our first priority.

It is extremely important that your child is under constant supervision whilst playing with our products. In the unlikely event that one of our products become damaged, please discard of it immediately.

This kit contains loose parts, please ensure your child does not mouth these as they can pose a potential choking hazard. It is strongly recommend that these products are not used by children under three years old.

If you have any queries with regards to the above, feel free to get in contact at anytime via our contact methods.